Announcing: Flowty Has Raised $4.5 Million in a Seed Round Led by Greenfield One and Lattice Capital

2 min readApr 22, 2022

The flowty team is incredibly excited to announce the close of our first fundraising round, co-led by Greenfield One and Lattice Capital

To date, our three co-founders (Mike, Austin and Guillaume) have fully bootstrapped flowty’s operations and development, raising no outside capital. After conversations with a number of investors and fellow startup founders over the last few months, our team concluded that the financial flexibility, resources, expertise, and experience that a strong investor base can bring to a young and growing company would put us in a much better position to offer our userbase the best product and platform possible.

We were selective with the VCs and investors that we included in our seed round and are confident that we have identified a group of investors that will help flowty reach our goals.

Since our launch on February 7, 2022, we have worked hard to improve UI (with a focus on navigation, search, and filtering), provide information and metrics to help our Borrowers and Lenders make informed decisions, and add support for additional Flow-based tokens and other NFTs aside from NBA Top Shot. The successful closing of our seed round will enable us to accelerate our growth and bring more features, services, and tools to our users on a shorter timeline.

About Flowty

Flowty is a platform at the forefront of the financialization of NFTs with a focus on the Flow blockchain. Flowty’s core feature is a peer-to-peer collateralized NFT lending marketplace and the team is hard at work to bring additional features and functionality to the Flow ecosystem.

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flowty is a platform that offers P2P NFT Rentals and Loans on the Flow blockchain