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Flowty is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform focused exclusively on Flow blockchain-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

What is flowty?

Flowty is a platform that offers an alternative to selling for Flow-based NFT collectors who are interested in sourcing short-term liquidity. Instead of selling, collectors can secure a short-term loan using a simple, accessible, and intuitive interface designed to be approachable for anyone, regardless of your level of crypto experience or expertise.

The loan process is permissionless, anonymous, and transparent. While a loan is active, the underlying NFT is held in a smart contract. The smart contract is programmed to release the NFT to either the borrower (if the loan + interest is paid in its entirety prior to a loan’s maturity) or the lender (if the loan + interest is not paid in its entirety prior to maturity).

Who built flowty?

Flowty was founded and built by Michael Levy (Twitter: @mbl267_NFT; Top Shot ID: @mbl267) and Guillaume “G” Huot (Twitter: @Ars0nic; Top Shot ID: @Arsonic), two early adopters of Dapper Labs’ Flow Blockchain and NBA Top Shot. Mike and G are both passionate supporters of the growing Flow ecosystem — we even used “flow” in our platform’s name.

Why did we build flowty?

Problem: Collectors may need access to short-term liquidity to fund expenses, life events, financial opportunities, or anything else but many would prefer not to sell their NFTs. They may be long-term holders, believe that there will be better selling opportunities in the future, or be reluctant to sell for any number of other reasons (sentimental value, upcoming utility, tax consequences, significant illiquidity discounts, etc).

Solution: Instead of selling your NFTs, utilize the flowty marketplace to secure a loan using your idle NFTs as collateral.

Who might find flowty useful?

There are two key cohorts who may be interested in utilizing flowty:

Borrowers: NFT collectors who need short-term liquidity but would prefer not to sell. Borrowers can pledge NFTs to secure a short-term loan.

Lenders: Anyone (no accreditation, approvals, or identification needed) who is interested in generating passive income with the downside protection of securing an NFT. Lenders can fund a loan and, when the loan matures, receive either the original principal + interest or the underlying NFT tied to the specific loan. We encourage lenders to fund loans with underlying NFTs that they would be comfortable owning in lieu of receiving principal + interest at loan maturity.

What’s next?

We are putting the finishing touches on our platform and looking forward to launching in the near future with support for several Flow-based platforms. Our goal is to launch as a simple P2P loan marketplace and, over time, add many features and capabilities that will improve the NFT collecting experience on Flow and offer more opportunities and flexibility to flowty’s userbase.

Our priority is and will always be user experience. We are focused on security, transparency, and platform UI / UX. We hope to be an asset for Flow blockchain users and builders, a platform that bolsters and strengthens the Flow ecosystem.

If you are interested in keeping up with our progress, please subscribe to email updates via our pre-launch website ( and follow us on Twitter (@flowty_io).

Building on Flow?

If you are building on Flow and would be interested in being onboarded to and supported by flowty, please reach out to us via email ( We believe that flowty is an elegant solution to one of the challenges often encountered and highlighted by NFT collectors; access to liquidity for collectors who do not want to sell. In addition, we will list and link to all supported platforms on our website, giving you additional exposure.

Interested in joining the flowty team?

We have a small (two-person) team and a lot of work ahead of us. If you would like to join the flowty team, please feel free to reach out via Twitter, email, or the form on our pre-launch website. We will provide additional detail on specific roles in the future.

Interested in investing?

We are not raising outside capital at this point. If you would like to be added to a distribution list to be notified when we are fundraising in the future, please send an email to

There will be much more to follow. We are excited to be joining and supporting the growing list of innovative and creative platforms building on Flow.

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flowty is a platform that offers P2P NFT Rentals and Loans on the Flow blockchain