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2 min readMay 2, 2022

Before we proceed, we want to remind you that using flowty involves risks and can have adverse outcomes for Borrowers, Lenders and other platform participants. The following is not financial advice, and we ask and encourage you to consult a qualified financial advisor and tax expert to understand the full implications and consequences of using flowty.

Flowty launched three months ago, and we have been excited and encouraged by the feedback received from users. In short, those who have tried flowty, love flowty. They report that using flowty is a simpler and smoother process than they thought it would be.

With that in mind, we want to encourage more people to try flowty and are installing a reward program to bring more users to the platform.

Introducing: the first iteration of flowty’s Borrower Rewards.

How Does it Work?

The contest is simple - meet the below criteria and you will be entered into a drawing to win prizes (specified for each contest). Before each contest, we will announce specific terms via Discord and Twitter.

  1. User must be the *Borrower* for a loan with an NBA Top Shot moment as collateral that is *funded during the specified time frame*
  2. Loan amount (in marketplace) must be greater than or equal to $100
  3. Loan must be greater than or equal to 30 days duration
  4. APR (in marketplace) must be greater than or equal to 5.00%
  5. Submit google form (visit our Discord to access form once contest goes live). The form will ask for Blocto wallet and Top Shot username, among other information. Only one entry per Top Shot username will be permitted.

Before we select a winner (or winners), we will release a list of Blocto wallets that qualify and give users an opportunity to ensure that their wallet is included if they believe they met the criteria. We will then randomly draw wallets for the rewards in our discord channel (live drawing with shared screen).

We will run contests like these periodically, with different reward structures and other tweaks.

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flowty is a platform that offers P2P NFT Rentals and Loans on the Flow blockchain